Research methods

Research Methods and Applied Regression Course Description This course builds upon the statistical toolkit from SOC 500 Linear Regressions and provides a foundation for conducting and evaluating regression-based works in the social sciences. The first part of the course will cover the topics in conducting transparent and reproducible research. Students will be expected to adopt these research practices […]

Social Causes and Consequences

Social causes and consequences of health inequities Course Description Inequalities in social life determine how long people live, how often they get sick, and whether they can receive medical care. We will apply sociological theories to examine paths that lead social inequities to health disparities and how poor health, in turn, can reinforce social disadvantage. […]

Comparative Health Systems

Comparative Health Systems Course Description This course is a five-week course held in London, UK during the summer term. Students will attend lectures led by Emory professors and other UK-based guest speakers while staying near University City of London. The course will include organized field trips and cultural events. Learning Objectives Understand the organization and […]